What We Do:

Into The Nations started with a desire and an idea to help break the cycle of of poverty for those living in developing countries. Measurable change and sustainable growth are what we're after for the individuals we work with! ITN is careful not to foster dependency or short term benefit, but instead is working to empower artisans to create sustainable change for themselves and their community. Our goal of empowerment revolves around three vital points of improvement; economic stability, education, and community development. A push in the right direction from ITN ultimately cultivates a new motivation for self-improvement. We believe in initiating growth and investing in people beacuse those living in poverty do not need a handout; they need to be empowered! 


How We Do It:

Step 1: The process starts with an evaluation of the basic needs, social context, and family dynamic of the artisan. From there, we are able to create strategic plan tailored to find a solution for their specific needs. Step 2: An ITN team comes to alleviate the artisan's physiological needs (fixing their home, providing clean water, etc.). Once these basic needs are taken care of, the artisan can stop worrying about daily survival and can begin to think about providing for the future.  Step 3:  Walk alongside the artisan to develop and execute a business plan for their craft that will create jobs in their community and provide fair and steady income! Step 4: Operating concurrently with step 3,  ITN strategizes with local community leaders on a plan that will provide benefit to the community as a whole. This may include building a community garden, fixing the local soccer field. etc.  


The Team:

Sandy Study, Kali Coble, Veronica Howard, Brandon Study

2015 Team Highlights: