Day 2: Construction on Amparo's House!

We ended the day tired. Tired, but refreshed. It is refreshing to look back on the day and see that we are about half way done with this phase of construction on Amparo’s house. Today we completely removed half of the roof and started leveling out the supporting walls. Everyone got messy with concrete on their hands and dirt in their shoes. We were also able to build a drainage duct that will draw rainwater away from the house, which before was collecting in one area, causing the house to slowly sink towards one side. The family was willing to work, and even told us they would continue with the construction after we left. This is the kind of progress and attitude that we love to see. Tomorrow we will be able to get back out to the house and continue with any construction that is needed.

The team loved meeting Amparo and her family! Dianne Dell pointed out that, in comparison, we really have no idea how fortunate we are; these families appreciate the simplest things, things that we overlook, but they are beyond happy with what they have, and they continuously thank God for the blessings that he has given them. This family already has a grip on each one of our hearts and we cannot wait to continue the work that God has set before us!