Day 3, Construction.

            Four-thirty alarms started our second day of construction on Amparo’s home. Today we were able to finish laying brick and leveling the walls that will be supporting new beams for her roof! Today was also a demo day, the entire team pitched in to hammer, pry, punch, and kick down the rotting and broken, patio area in front of Amparo’s home to replace it with sturdier materials.  We dug holes, mixed concrete, and installed four concrete pillars that are ready for attaching the roof to tomorrow! After a few cuts, bruises, and one slip off a ladder (spider related), we are extremely happy with the progress that the ITN team is making! We left today knowing that there is still a lot of work to be done, but Amparo was speaking with Chris (our in country everything guy), saying that she was so happy to know that her home soon will be finished, and that it will be safe for her and her kids!

            When Breanna Bennent was hanging out with the kids today, she heard Maria Jose, Amparo’s nine-year-old daughter say, “Mi casa es bonita” “My house is beautiful.” This small sentence means the world to us! The excitement of the family is starting to show! This is such an incredible blessing to be able to work with Amparo to help make the improvements that she so desperately needs. There are plenty of hot, long, and dirty days ahead and we can’t wait to continue!

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— Ephesians 4.1