Day 5, Flexibility and Patience.

            Yet again plans changed today! One of the keys to having a successful trip is having a team that is willing to be flexible, and flexible we are! We headed back to Amparo’s home to finish construction by noon; two broken drill bits ended our day at 5:30 PM with only half a roof installed.. Between the Spanish instruction manual and a building that didn’t meet the standard proportions for the roofing material, the guys had to get a little creative today. After a few hours of planning, measuring, planning again, and cutting, the roof finally began to be laid! The workday ended with compliments from Pastor Jose and determination to get this house finished for Amparo and the family. As the guys continued construction, the ladies dug another drainage ditch for Amparo’s shower and completely planned VBS out for Wednesday. Back at the mission house we had a family style meal and sorted out the donated materials for VBS and the homeless outreach! 

Gonna finish this roof if it kills us.
— Matt, Walker, and Brandon