Day 6, VBS!

Today was dedicated to Vacation Bible School for the children in the community, and the kids had a blast! We all learned about the colors of salvation with the help of our puppet friends and had a few games set up to play. Water balloons, the biggest hit of the day, started as an organized toss game and quickly turned into an all-out war. It is so refreshing to see these kids enjoying themselves in ways that some usually are not able to. There was a girl who was dying to tell us the story behind her scar; she told us that there was a baby who was going to be killed but she tried to protect it and got hurt instead. It is incredible to know that most of these children have already seen more damaging things than we have, and some are far less than half our age. It is a relief to know that we were able to lift their burdens even for just one day, but hopefully we gave them a long lasting impact.  

Sadly, today we had to say goodbye to a beloved family and community that we have grown to adore in such a short amount of time. These people will always hold a special place in our hearts and although we came to make a difference in their lives, they have made an everlasting difference in ours. When saying our goodbyes to Amparo and her family, we were able to bless them with all of the donations we have received and a few other things that we saw fit to give her. We want to thank everyone who has given anything to our team because with your donations, you are the ones who have been able to be a blessing to the family and also to the community.

“There is no one who you wouldn’t love if you knew their story”