What God's been doing on our planning trip!

Now that it's almost time to come home, we thought some of you would like an update on what we've been up to this week! Thank you for your prayers, we've felt them each day. On Sunday, we were able to start our day with attending church in Amparo's community, which is our main focus for our projects at this time. We were welcomed we open arms, as family coming home. During the service, they wanted each one of us to come up front and share with everyone who we were and our calling to work in their community. It's moments like those where I really feel God's presence and love surrounding us. Somewhat of a surreal experience, to be standing in front of the church explaining God's vision for Into the Nations and how we each felt personally called to be a part of it. After the service, we spent some time catching up with Pastor Jose and what has been going on in the community since we were last here, as well as spent some time at Amparo's house playing with the kids and planning our goals for the week.

Sunday evening brought a fun reunion over ice cream with our friends we've worked with over the years. We invited everyone! It was great to see the incredible group of people God has brought into our lives over the past few years. It was truly like a family reunion.

On Monday we were able to visit Tiana and her kids at the orphanage. To say they had been waiting and were overjoyed to see us, is an understatement! The joy on their faces when the door opened and they saw who was there, was a gift in itself. We continue to pray for God to provide to all who live there, with enough food and school supplies and clothes. We plan to have a fun activity day with them when we return in August.

Today we spent most of the day back in Amparo's community wrapping up loose ends of what we wanted to accomplish this week in gathering some new video footage of interviews on how her life has already changed as a result of being involved with Into the Nations. We captured some great moments in photos and shared lunch with her family. We were also able to visit the community school and meet with the principal to discuss donations we received in elementary curriculum and laptops. She was very excited to hear about the opportunity to work with us in August and talked about how we can contribute to improving the biggest needs of the school.

It's been a week filled with exhaustion, blessings, and love in the best forms! We know God has His hand in each step of our journey. Because of our faith and dedication to His calling, we will be able to make the biggest changes in the most impactful way to those we serve. Thank you for coming along on the journey with us in prayer, donations, and support of every kind. We are filled with gratitude in what God is doing through each of us.

-Adrienne Fessler, ITN Traveler