Day 5 ITN: El Salvador

Tuesday was an important day and began with breakfast at 5:30 AM. This would be our busiest and most emotionally challenging day yet. Part of the team still needed to finish the bathroom for Amparo while the rest of the team went to the community's school for the morning and the orphanage in the afternoon. 

At Amparo's, after many hours of hard work, soccer games, another delicious meal from Pastor and his wife and many, and many mistakes, the Lord provided and the team was able to finish the bathroom.

Meanwhile at school, the team attended a 9th grade English class, providing the teachers with countless donations including school curriculum and toys. They spent most of the day engaging with the students through soccer, basketball, jump rope and more. The officials at the school were overwhelmed by the amount we were able to gather for them.

Later at the park the team met up with a group of kids from an orphanage run by Tia Ana. We Played soccer, basketball and had some fun with water balloons. It touched my heart to see the joy on the kids faces as we interacted with them. One boy, Eric, knew a lot of English so he was able to communicate with us more thoroughly and act as a translator when needed. It is evident by the way these kids conducted themselves, that the work Tia Ana is doing is leaving a life long impression on their lives.

Written By: Julia Whitbeck & Austin Balaz