Day 6: A Day of Reflection

Today we set out after our usual family style breakfast to take on Llamatepec, the tallest volcano "IN THE WORLD" or at least in this country.. This hike was a monumental experience for the team both physically and spiritually. It started with a 600 step decline into the valley, which led to the foot of the volcano. We began climbing the seemingly never ending steps and rocky terrain in order to meet the top. Through aches, pain, and some humorous falls together as a team were able to enjoy the incredible view. 

After some photos and selfies on the top, we took the time to reflect on the volcano as a symbol of our journey! There are always times were you feel like the battle is simply not worth it, that is, until you end up above some clouds looking over what you had just accomplished. We ended our day over dinner at the lake and got prepared for another day of serving! We are so happy to be apart of this adventure and calling that God has placed on each one of us!