An Impactful End

Our final day of serving was spent at an amazing place filled with staff and volunteers who have huge hearts for their community. Mission to El Salvador has a program called The Lighthouse Project where every Tuesday and Thursday, people who live on the streets can come in to shower, brush their teeth, and get a hair cut if needed. They also spend time together playing games, eating a hot meal, and listening to a devotional. Together with the staff of Mission to El Salvador, they are able to plan for a promising future through the many programs that they offer.

After spending time cooking 53 cheeseburgers, braiding hair, playing jenga and checkers, and handing out clean clothes, we were able to sit down and listen to a insightful devotional given by one of our team members and a powerful testimony from someone who used to live on the streets. It was amazing to spend the afternoon together and just enjoying the company of the men and women who are able to benefit from this program.

In the evening, we headed back to make over 300 bagged lunches to take to streets. Who knew that piling into the back of a pickup truck to hand out food would make such a lasting impact on the team members? This is by far one of the most touching nights of our trip. We saw people from every walk of life lining up behind the truck for a bag of food; prostitutes, elderly, families with babies, teenagers, disabled, lonely children. The only comfort we have in witnessing that is knowing that God is our provider and our protector, and he watches over everyone. The team walked away from this experience with a desire to do more, with determination to be the hands and feet of Christ wherever we go; in school, at work, at church, in our own communities. It is disheartening to see the realities of some peoples' lives, but we all can make a small difference just by reaching out.