Fruits of Our Labor

In the months since our trip, great things have been happening. Cynthia, Into The Nations in- country liaison, has been visiting the community monthly, this is her latest update:

Pastor Jose was pleased with the sponsorship for Christmas lunch with teens, it was a blast for all them with a piñata, big cake and some little gifts for the kids. Many kids looks pastor Jose and Gloria as their parents. 

 MInistry & Mentoring Relationship:  

Pastor has good attendance with monthly lunch that ITN sponsor, the families are very receptive to have fellowship with the members of the church Pastor Jose is mentoring some of them. He never miss an oportunity to invite them on Saturdays church service at 4pm. 

As I wrote on my last update Pastor Jose is having youth services on Thursday at 4pm 15 kids are attending regularly ages 11-16 they are very excited to have this time of mentoring, soccer games, fellowship and music lessons. The youth got new shirts with the slogan "To the Rescue". This slogan show the heart of Pastor for his community

An Example of this is Steven, he is a boy of 11 years old, his mom is in jail but once in while they allow her go out for one day to visit her family (for good behavior) Steven  knocked at Pastor Jose's house asking him if he can to go and pray for his mom. This boy is praying for his mom, she can be able to get out of prison. This just one of the testimonies of all these teens. 

Amparo has gotten new weaving material and continues to make hammocks, her new bathroom is working well and has been a blessing.

What is Next:

The ITN staff will be traveling to El Salvador to evaluate future projects and to set up this years trip. The 2017 Mission Team is forming to continue our work in El Salvador. I am looking forward to what God has in store for this coming year!