We Have Arrived!

The day started out with an early departure to Dulles Airport at 2:15am. We had a quick filght to our layover in Miami and another 2 hour flight to El Salvador. We arrived in El Salvador at 1:30pm local time, which is two hours behind the US.

Our wonderful driver, Manny, picked us up at the airport and we arrived at the MCA mission house where we will be staying for the next 10 days. After dropping off the luggage and groceries, we headed to a much needed dinner at Dona Rosy's for some Mexican food and delicious frozen drinks.

After returning to MCA after dinner, we delved a little deeper into what these next 10 days mean to us - what our true mission here is. What is each team member's "why"? What is each team member's story, and how does that impact our mission here in El Salvador? Brandon told us more about Understand Your Brand, the incredible story of what our team shirts mean, and where they came from. We are currently packing up our supplies for a busy day in the community tomorrow. We are looking forward to starting some construction projects, playing games and sharing Bible stories with the children, and getting to learn a little bit more about the people we are serving this week.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers this week. We hope that you can all follow along with us as we experience what God is unfolding for us each day!