Day 2!

Today was our second day in the country, but our first day of work. We headed out from MCA bright and early to Chanmico which is where the church we are working with is located. We heard a little bit about the history and background of the church, Nehemias, from the pastor and his wife. We then visited Amparo’s house to see her hammocks and the machine that she weaves them on.

We had our work cut out for us as we began clearing a rocky field filled with weeds that will soon be a basketball court. As we were all shoveling and raking the weeds, we had the biggest surprise we could’ve imagined when two bulldozers drove up onto the field and cleared out all of the rocks and weeds while leveling the surface for the court. What would’ve taken us hours to complete by hand was finished in a quick thirty minutes! God has been providing for us in ways we never could have pictured. While the majority of the team worked on the basketball court, a few team members played different games with students of the school next door. We were surrounded by about 50 young school kids who were full of energy for hours. We enjoyed hearing stories from the children and answering all of their questions about the United States like how we got to El Salvador and whether we knew any of their uncles who also live in the US.

We enjoyed lunch from Don Pollo with many members of the community. After lunch, we got back to work and playing with the kids. We taught them some relay races with jump ropes, played soccer, catch, and kickball. We are so excited to see the kids and other community members tomorrow, Sunday, and next Thursday.

Given that this is Into the Nations third year in this community, we are starting to see the fruits of our labors. Relationships are strengthening with local government and others. Three years ago the mayor of this community wouldn’t even speak to the pastor the church, but today. they were working side by side to improve their community.

On the way to dinner, our driver, Manny pulled over to the lava fields alongside the road so we could get a closer look and take some pictures. We had an amazing traditional dinner of pupusas. Pupusas are tortillas with fillings such as cheese, beans, or chicken and were exactly what we needed after a long day of hard work in the sun.

We are definitely looking forward to another productive day tomorrow. Everyone is healthy and enjoying the experience. Please pray that we are able to mix and pour cement for the basketball court tomorrow and that it is able to be finished by Sunday!