Day 3

It is such a blessing to be in a community where we have seen so much growth and initiative that comes from within the community. Just a year ago the soccer field had grass at least two feet tall and was never used. We helped fix it up last summer so that it could be a central area for the community to enjoy. Now, they work to maintain the grass so it can be used regularly. Today we helped the community members mix and lay concrete to make a basketball court at the end of the field. There was a lot of calculating, measuring, and improvising but the project got off to a good start. We were able to get half of the court finished and we are determined to complete it bright and early tomorrow morning. Last winter we had the idea to start a community garden, and today this vision finally started to become a reality! We did a test run last year and successfully planted vegetables at the church, but this year we wanted to expand it and make this available to the whole community.

Today we planted 2 almond trees, 2 tangerine trees, 3 orange trees, and one maquilishuat, El Salvador's national tree that will eventually bloom with beautiful pink flowers. These trees are right next to the basketball court and will be available to the community. Our goal is to provide the community with food as well as a possible source of income. We still have plans to add a vegetable garden and we are so excited to see how the community furthers this project.

Aside from the hard work that was accomplished today, the team members have been learning, too. Many were amazed with how resourceful the Salvadorans are - they use anything and everything reasonable in order to get the job done. They love to work and are determined to finish this which will add to their community space. It has been encouraging to see how two groups from two completely different cultures can come together under one common goal and work together; we are blessed to be working alongside them.

Despite the few sicknesses that we've had on the team and the tiredness that everyone has been fighting, everyone is in good spirits. We trust that God will carry us through and we will be able to continue serving with 110% of our energy.

Thank you all for your prayers and support so far! Keep praying that God will move in the community as well as change the hearts and lives of all who are involved in His work here.