Day 4


Today was our final work day in the community of Chanmico. We arrived at 6:30am and were mixing and laying concrete shortly after. Some team members even said that mixing the concrete by hand was way more fun than they expected. Even in the early hours there were many community members eager and ready to help us finish the basketball court and benches. By 11am we miraculously finished the basketball court and headed to church where Sandy gave an incredible message to the attendees. The church graciously provided us with a delicious lunch of chicken, rice, vegetables and ice cream.


By the afternoon we were back out at the construction projects putting finalizing touches on all of our projects. A few days ago none of us had any idea about many of the pastors visions for the basketball court and benches, but after many hours of work, we finally saw his dreams come to life - what an incredible sight it was!


We enjoyed a big team dinner with some Salvadoran friends. Sandy, Steve, and Chris made Sandy's special spaghetti recipe and our translator Cynthia prepared yuca. We celebrated 3 birthdays and enjoyed some cake. All of the sick team members felt much better today - Praise God! Shout out to Matt Bennett for plunging the flooded shower with a 12 inch plunger.


It's been a very long but incredibly rewarding day. We can hardly believe another day has flown by.


Feliz cumpleaños Addison! Happy 10th Birthday to Addison, Steve Dutterer's daughter. We celebrated you from a far today!