This is Why I Climb

I climb because there is more out there than church pews and Sunday school. I climb because there is more out there than Monday to Friday, 9-5. I climb because God gave me a plan and a purpose that I believe will come to pass. I climb because even though I can't see where I'm going, I have to keep moving to get there. I climb because there are still people who haven't heard, people who don't know the love that God has for them. This is why I climb.

Last night we were given a paper that challenged us to think about why we climb; why we continue to persevere and not give up no matter what we face. Today we were able to reflect on this as we climbed Volcán Ilamatepec. As we arrived, there were clouds filling sky and just as we began to walk we heard thunder. The guides warned us that if it began to rain at any point then we would immediately have to turn around and come back. Wanting to make it to the top, we decided to pray for clear skies and continue moving forward. Soon after, the thunder stopped and although there were clouds surrounding us and blocking the view, we trusted that we were going to have a clear view at the top. Thankfully we made it to the top without a drop of rain and the team was able to take in an amazing view. Even in the small things, God looks out for us. Today we climbed in the midst of uncertainty simply because we wanted to see the view. Daily we climb because we know that God is always on our side; he always goes before us and directs our path.